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Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Reduces Costs with PairSoft

PairSoft September 18, 2020

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Reduces Costs with PairSoft
Case Studies

The Client

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in southwest Wyoming is entering a new era in healthcare with an 80,000 square foot Medical Office Building and Cancer Treatment Center. They deliver quality care with the newest technology.

The Challenge

Memorial Hospital was using a system that had a major general ledger issue, causing hospital staff to deal with frequent system failures. There was limited access to information because they did not have access to budget details during the purchasing process. With high error frequency and interruptions in the workflow that could not be fixed, they needed a change.

Requirements – Easy for Staff. Efficient for Budgeting.

Memorial Hospital was initially concerned about how staff would react to a new requisition, but really needed a better way to budget and reduce costs. They wanted to reduce errors and interruptions to all users throughout the process.

The Solution

PairSoft addressed their issues by providing a requisition solution that provided access to accurate budget reporting; visibility and transparency throughout the purchasing process and integration to their materials management and ERP solution.

After learning how it could be tailored to their specific business processes associated with requisitions and Binary Stream, Memorial Hospital’s advisors chose PairSoft. “We saw immediate, positive results once PairSoft was fully implemented; our staff has seen considerable improvements and efficiencies,” said Teralee Aubrey, Director of Materials Management for the hospital.

When making the switch to PairSoft, Memorial Hospital was initially concerned about how staff would react to a new requisition product after the previous one had created so many issues. Since then, the hospital’s processing time for requisitions has been dramatically reduced, which is a huge help to staff and vendors. “I have heard great feedback from end-users that PairSoft is easier to use, which has made this transition nice and easy for us,” Aubrey said. “I appreciate the personal attention given to us through the setup process and I have been pleased with the customer service since we have gone live with PairSoft.”

The Results

Less Headaches. Time Savings. Reduced Errors. Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater’s now has:

  • Accurate Budget Reporting
  • Visibility and Transparency
  • Reduce Internal Costs


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