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Processing paper or digital invoices manually is costly and time-consuming. Files get lost, human errors are inevitable, payment penalties arise, and employee time is wasted on low-value tasks.

PairSoft greatly reduces your invoice processing time, saves your AP team from repetitive, routine data entry, and enables painless three-way matching. From entry to exit, our software automates the entire approval workflow and procurement process so you can focus on what matters.

Digital invoice management made easy.

Intuitive document capture

OCR (optical character recognition) captures line-by-line invoice data and flags discrepancies for real-time validation.

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Smart vendor recognition

Process and share vendor and employee payments with direct integration through email. Match invoices with purchase orders quickly. All from your ERP.

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Comprehensive check requests

Manage non-purchase order invoices in seconds with spend management policies, intuitive approval workflows, and document management capabilities.

General ledger (GL) coding

OCR extracted data is automatically coded into your GL for increased invoice efficiency.

What customers are saying.

“Our accounts payable department saw an immediate 30% decrease in time required to process incoming invoices and shipment notifications. With continued refinement to our business processes, we are confident that this technology will allow us to remove virtually ALL data entry in the AP chain and transition to a model of review and exception management only.”

Tyler Browne
VP, Operations & IT, Sustainable Supply

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What is invoice processing software?

Invoice processing software automates the entire invoice processing lifecycle, including data capture, dispatch for approval, payment of the invoice, and recording it in the general ledger. Invoice automation software allows organizations to avoid time-consuming operations and instead streamline their accounts payable processes from start to finish and deliver automated invoice processing. 

How to automate processes with invoice processing software?

Invoice processing software allows your organization to quickly process scanned invoices, view workflow notifications, and ensure the accuracy and validity of charges to promote compliant processes. Purchase order invoices are managed automatically with spend management policies and strong approval workflows. Smart Invoice Capture and Advanced Payment Processing are also tools for automating invoice processes and eliminating inefficiencies.

Learn how PairSoft can help your organization streamline your invoice processing operations with AP automation.

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