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The expense management software that covers it all. Fully automate your business expenses and save up to 75% on processing costs.

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Modern expense management demands mobility. Employees need to be able to upload receipts from anywhere at any time. Approvers need to approve and manage expense information quickly and efficiently.

PairSoft goes beyond mobility functionality to enable real-time spend management. Streamline the approval and expense management process with receipt data capture, smart mileage calculation, and ERP batching.

Take the pressure off your finance team and pay your employees faster.

Centralize document storage

Fully integrated into your ERP, you can manage all your business expenses and receipts in one place. Never lose track of a paper document again and quickly retrieve specific payment info with the SmartList query tool and robust keyword search.

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Automatically capture receipt data

Intuitive OCR technology extracts data from an uploaded receipt and automatically matches it to the expense report within your ERP. All users need to do is verify the extracted information and submit for approval.

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Reduce error and duplicate expenses

OCR data extraction and machine learning validate and match all expense information for you. Catch duplicates without effort and ensure accuracy throughout. Teach the system your internal definitions and improve your automation intelligence over time.

Effortlessly track mileage reimbursements.

Integrated with Google Maps, employees can save time while traveling by automatically calculating mileage from their PairSoft mobile app and adding it to their ongoing expense reports. All data is directly added to the ERP, improving audit compliance and approval workflows.

Control spend compliance

PairSoft’s proprietary spend-control algorithms and data validation catch every detail. Gain company-wide expense visibility from per-diem to mileage expenses to corporate credit card transactions. Proactively reduce fraud risk and prevent policy violations.

Improve company-wide satisfaction

Getting paid makes your employees happy. Getting paid faster and with less paperwork makes them even happier. With expense tracking and management automation, employees can focus on their jobs rather than data entry.

What customers are saying.

“Now that we have PairSoft, our employees get paid more quickly which keeps them happy.”

CPA, Director of General and Trust Accounting, Free Methodist Foundation
Joe Crupper

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What is employee expense management software?

Employee expense management software is a financial product that allows organizations to simplify their expense reimbursement and reconciliation process by automating much of the process. Many of these software solutions can also be used to invoice billable hours and reimbursable project expenses. This expense management solution expense reimbursements, expense reports, travel expenses, and other business expenses paid via credit cards and other methods of payment. From business travel and home office costs to continuing education, there are many moving parts to the expense management process. 

How to automate processes with employee expense management software?

Employee management software automates expense management processes by compiling documents on a secure cloud and creating real-time, easy-to-use workflows that streamline the expense management process including approvals, policy compliance, card transactions, and audits through the expense lifecycle. Employees can submit and approve expenses in real-time, using automated document capture systems, workflows, and dashboards, eliminating manual processes. Manage expenses through web-based portals and mobile apps which allows your small business’ team to utilize your organization’s accounting software and collaborate no matter where they are.

Manage smart spending from anywhere.

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