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Achieve frictionless purchasing from requisition to payment with PairSoft’s PunchOut catalog, Guided Buying catalog, purchase order, inventory management, and employee expense solutions.

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Manual procurement overloads teams with inefficiency. Vendor relationships suffer, deadlines are missed, and spend gets out of control. Even digitalized procurement proves inefficient when third-party software is difficult to use and disconnected from the centralized repository.

PairSoft’s cloud-based purchasing tools allow you to build proactive partnerships with vendors and suppliers and fully automate the associated routine tasks. You can make more informed purchasing decisions, negotiate contracts, and set business-wide spending parameters and reminders without leaving your ERP.

Play an active role in spend control.

Speed up purchase order cycles

Instantly autofill and route approval requests for PO creation and purchasing with minimal human intervention.

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Maintain accuracy

Ensure end-to-end financial compliance with three-way matching, documentation, and machine learning intelligence.

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Increase visibility

Automatically track, manage, and organize the purchasing process from a single, searchable repository and workflow. Equally accessible on mobile and desktop.

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Improve collaboration

Strengthen relationships with suppliers and vendors through easy-to-use communication portals, automated workflows, and real-time inventory management.

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What customers are saying.

“We transitioned from an old DMS and a network file share. The file share required everyone to follow naming conventions of folders and files (this never works). With Docupeak, users aren’t wasting time building out the long file names with the right information but instead just make a few selections and the software fills all that metadata in. When looking at a NetSuite record, it’s easy to see what the document is and easy to search for it even if the file name makes no sense. It was a great decision to pick Docupeak, and our users love it.”

VP, Operations & IT, Dale Ohsberg
Marco Rubber & Plastics

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