PaperSave, Webiplex Docupeak, and Paramount Workplace are now part of PairSoft

WorkPlace by PairSoft

Paramount WorkPlace was ahead of its time when it was created as a goods and services acquisition software in 1995. It evolved into both a web-based and mobile-friendly product that directly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Intacct, and NetSuite to allow users to seamlessly craft AP automation, requisition, and expense management workflows from within their ERP. This strong foundational technology has only gotten better as a part of PairSoft’s suite of AP automation and procurement offerings.

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Make procurement effortless.

PairSoft’s P2P automation solutions make the procurement process painless. Overlaid in your current ERP, it’s quick to deploy and easy to navigate.

Without PairSoft:
  • Fragmented spend management
  • Time-consuming manual data entry
  • Missed inventory discounts and payments
  • Unorganized approval process
  • Hidden financial data
With Pairsoft:
  • 360° spend insight across categories
  • Automated invoice processing and validation
  • Real-time vendor and supplier communication
  • Streamlined approval routing and compliance assurance
  • Advanced data retrieval and tracking

Supercharge your procurement process.

Purchase Order Management

Gain control over transactions, maintain purchasing commitments, and streamline the procurement process business-wide.

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Inventory Management

Manage, track, fulfill, and replenish inventory within your ERP. Save on labor costs while enhancing productivity.

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Employee Expenses

Extract and transfer financial data from electronic and paper documents, then instantly validate it against your entire ERP database.

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Guided Buying Catalogs

Browse and purchase products and services in real-time. Enjoy a user-friendly buying experience without manual data entry.

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Simplify the purchasing process by bringing supplier sites inside your ERP. Automate purchase requisitions and purchase orders as you shop.

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Analytics & Reporting

View and analyze company-wide spending, workflow bottlenecks, and financial KPIs for continuous improvement.

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Vendor Management

Spend more time strengthening vendor relationships and less time on the pay process. PairSoft’s supplier portal fully integrates in your ERP to act as a source of truth for vendor communication.

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Document Capture

OCR technology scans paper and PDF documents directly into your ERP database, capturing line-by-line data with guaranteed accuracy.

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Procurement automation delivers 21% lower labor costs
and 29% fewer full-time equivalent staff.

-The Hackett Group

Cleveland Cavaliers
Case Study

Cleveland Cavaliers find a game-winning solution in PairSoft.

The Cavaliers Operating Company had almost no visibility into their procurement cycle and was performing manual data entry in multiple systems. Their choice to put everything in one place with PairSoft led to unparalleled project management and airtight workflows across the organization.

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